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Let's save our Planet - Puzzle

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The 'Lets Save Our Planet' Puzzle from Bajo is a 10-piece double sided, circular wooden puzzle designed to encourage children to actively think about the earth and the environment through its visual illustrations. This plastic-free and eco-friendly puzzle features one side showing images of a healthy and ecological environment, whereas the other side shows images of pollution and deforestation.

Bajo have chosen a round shape for this puzzle to represent the earth. The ecological side is of a medium difficulty to demonstrate that making eco-conscious choices brings the world together easily as a whole, whereas, the flip side is disjointed and of a harder difficulty to match the pieces. Designs and illustrations are creations of Sebastian Rubiano and feature bright and engaging colours.

Both designs are painted with non-toxic paints and varnishes, making them safe for little hands as well as the environment. It is also packaged in a fully recyclable cardboard box that can be easily disposed of or biodegraded.

  • 10-piece wooden construction
  • Double-sided artwork design of both medium and hard difficulty
  • Teaches children about eco-conscious choices and the benefits of ecological living
  • Non-toxic paints and varnishes

Size: 30 x 30 x 1.3cm