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 My name is Dan Popa, I am 51 and live in Bucharest, Romania. I used to be a doctor and an enterpreneur and now I am totally dedicated to taking play and education of small children to another level, by creating devices that are smart,  playful, educational, multi functional, and best fitted for their purpose. I have created the Toddler Station in 2016, and later Leea's Tower. Now Leoleo is the re-editing of the Toddler Station and I think it has got the ingredients to become a best seller.

I made this enterprise a family business, and I named it after my daughter, Leea, she was my inspiration and my reason to do all this. It started as a game and an experiment , but now I am amazed of the success the innovations that I have brought have had. It makes me even more responsible and eager to continue on this path. I wish more people would join me in changing our approach towards our children and using material resources as wisely as possible.