Baby & Toddler Swing

Baby & Toddler Swing


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Make your kids room or living room their own playground! 
Babies and children love to swing.
Swinging has really great benefits for your baby and child.
This is a safe and generous baby swing that converts into a toddler swing. 
Easily shifted from indoors to outdoors.  
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Available in 5 colours 

Smoky Grey / Merino White / Coral Black / Kowhai Yellow / Classic Taupe

Measurements (cm):

Size of inside 26 x 26 x 26  

This Solvej swing is an exclusive and attractive baby and toddler swing for the home environment, indoors and outdoor, skillfully crafted with top quality materials.
The timeless natural design and colour range means this swing will complement any home and garden environment.

This swing converts from a baby swing to a toddler swing using the domed leg divider when your toddler is around 3 years old. This makes the swing suitable from approximate 6-months to 6 years (from when the baby can sit up unaided to the weight of 40kg/88lbs.) It is very easy to make the change between baby and toddler versions if you have both a baby and toddler in the home. The unusually long period you and your child can use this swing makes it excellent value for money.

It is an extremely safe swing for your baby with its safety belt and closed hooks and screw eyes. The beads are coloured with non-toxic paint. It conforms to the safety standards of Australasia, North America and Europe.

This swing has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use with carbine hooks and screw eyes for easy transition between the two. Made from natural durable timber, rot proof canvas, 10mm yachting braid and stainless steel fittings the swing is well equipped to handle the outdoor elements.

All these features plus a 9 year guarantee makes this swing a great investment for you and your child.

Packing and Convenience
Conveniently designed the swing packs down flat for easy storage and transport. Carbine hooks and screw eyes also make the swing easy to move between indoors and out or various places in your home or other locations.


Hanging instructions

Instructions for baby toddler swing

Baby and toddler swing can be mounted in doorways or/and on beams, ceiling joists, verandas, pergolas and swing stands or the like. Screw 2 screw-eyes approx. 500mm apart. To have the screw-eyes wider apart than the swing itself makes it swing straight. Make sure the holes in the eyes are facing forward so the carbine hook rolls in the eye instead of grinding. Adjust the height with the sliding ropelocks. The baby and toddler swing can be hung with the rope provided, (with the swing down at the lowest for a toddler) at a height of up to 2.3 meters.   For any higher extension ropes will be needed.

Check the ropes, knots and attachments regularly for evidence of deterioration and replace if weakened. The sun breaks down all rope fibres over time. A safety surface under the swing is recommended. Do not hang over concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface.

6 months to 6 years

baby and toddler swing is suitable for a baby from when it can sit upright unaided (approximately 6 months) to 6 years old or 40 kg/88 lbs. Always support your baby well with cushions etc. until your baby grows into the swing. Please remember a young baby should always be swung gently. Always use the safety belt. Only use under adult supervision.

Converting instruction

When your child is over the age of 3 the baby and toddler swing can be converted to a toddler version by undoing the leg divider and doming it around the strap under the swing. adjust the hight with the sliding rope-locks so the swing will hang 350-450 mm/14"-18" above the floor or ground. This enables your child to get in unaided by sliding the front bar up, sitting in and sliding the bar down again.

Baby and toddler swing can now be used as long as your child fits in, approximately 6 years depending on the size of the child. 





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