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Emergency Vehicle Set

$470.00 $235.00

The Emergency Vehicle Set from Bajo features 5 individual wooden vehicles, including the yellow breakdown lorry, blue car, red fire engine, white ambulance and a silver police car. Plastic-free and sustainably sourced, these wooden vehicles are great for imaginative play and storytelling.

Young motoring fans will enjoy making scenes and telling stories with each of these different cars. The lorry has a working, moving ramp that can be lowered for the car to drive up and the fire engine has a swivelling ladder! Whether a breakdown scene or an exciting chase, this set can bring all the action to life!

Made from solid wood and coated with non-toxic paints and varnishes, this set is very much safe for little hands as well as the environment. The natural paints help ensure great durability, meaning these toys can be enjoyed over and over before being passed down to the next generation.

The smooth and tactile design means these toys have great visual appeal and make a lovely display piece when not in use.

  • Includes 5 individual vehicles (Fire engine, Police car, Ambulance, Tow Truck and small blue car)
  • Made of sustainably sourced solid woods
  • Non-toxic paints and varnishes


Safety Instructions: Suitable from 18 months