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Grapat Rainbow Nins Tomten

Grapat Rainbow Nins Tomten


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This Grapat Rainbow Nins Tomten includes 6 Rainbow Tomten, each 70mm in height.

The Rainbow Nins Tomten include six enchanting wooden dolls in all three primary (yellow, red and blue) and secondary (orange, purple and green) colors. Tomten (sing. Tomte) are mythological little spirits from the Swedish folklore. According to legends, they are solitary, mischievous but also responsible for protection of a farmstead and its buildings. Casiana and Jordi, the founders of Grapat Wooden Toys, put a little twist on the new Nins Tomten and created them in rainbow colours in contrast to the original Grapat Nins Tomten who wear traditional red hats. Children are not only drawn to the cute shape of the Tomten but also to their vibrant rainbow colours. Tomten can be used alone or in combination with other toys and are great for small world play and role play scenarios. Their simple design encourages imagination and allows children to create their own stories without being influenced by gender specific or facial details.

Recommended Age 18+ months



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