Slipcover - VIVID SOLID (Cover only) (Pre - order)



  • Slipcover - VIVID SOLID (Cover only) (Pre - order)
  • Slipcover - VIVID SOLID (Cover only) (Pre - order)
  • Slipcover - VIVID SOLID (Cover only) (Pre - order)

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The personalized sofa for your kids! Add their names on it to make it unique!

Embroidery is optional for VIVID SOLID &  SOLID Series only.  
Just simply add your little one's name & details in Order Notes box when check out.


SOLID Series is the newest launch that uses luxurious colour and allows customization through personal embroidery.

|Product details |

Material: (Cover) 100% cotton, (Insert) Air Foam, PU Foam
Size: W46 x D46 x H50 cm
Weight: 3 kg

  • The patented 'AIRFOAM' insert comes with a 24 months warranty.
  • The fabric cover is 100% cotton and can be removed, washed, and replace to new design cover.
  • The insert foam comes with a cover that protects against liquids.
  • AIRBLANC does not use harmful chemicals and only used sustainable and eco-friendly materials. 


*Please fill in the following details in Order Notes box for embroidery service (see Sample below):

  1. Kid's Name (Max. 8 characters including emoji)
  2. Font A, B or C




Embroidery thread Colour: (Solid Series)
The thread colour of the font in Solid Series is same as the handle colour. 

  • Sofa colour: Purple Navy  - Embroidery Colour: Mint
  • Sofa colour: Mint  - Embroidery Colour: Navy
  • Sofa colour: Pink  - Embroidery Colour: Grey
  • Sofa colour: Grey  - Embroidery Colour: Pink
  • Sofa colour: Light Beige  - Embroidery Colour: Mustard
  • Sofa colour: Mustard - Embroidery Colour: Beige


Made in Korea


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