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TEDDY Cleaning Brush Set - Lemon + Blush


Being indispensable for ALICE and MATT sippy bottles, TEDDY has been thoughtfully designed to be easy to hold while washing.

You can use TEDDY to clean hard-to-get places such as small gaps and the inside of straws.The design reflects the roundness and cuteness of a teddy bear.

TEDDY makes it easy to wash your meroware, making cleaning times a fun time.


Set of 3 universal cleaning brush, differently-shaped brushes for cleaning mero straw, lid, and spouts
Ergonomic handle with finger recess

Brushes are held together on a ring, open ring to separate individual brushes
Top Rack Dishwasher safe
Available in: lemon + blush
Product Dimensions: 37 x 55 x 231 mm
Product weight: 13.9 g
Heat resistance temperature
Seam part : 100℃ Material: Polypropylene
Handle part: 100℃ Material: Polypropylene
Brush-holding ring: 100℃ Material: Polypropylene
Brush for straw : 120℃ Material: Nylon
Brush for bottle :120℃ Material: Nylon
Brush for small spaces : 120℃ Material: Nylon