The Blue Mermaid Ariadna


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The Mermaid Ariadna always wears a blue dress.
She loves splashing in the water, jumping the big waves and making the biggest soap bubbles that you have never seen.
Every night, she and her friends get close to the seashore to listen to the cheerful songs of ‘One Eyed’ Jack.
She is knitted with soft 100% lambswool and hand-embroidered.
She is very special, if you take care of her, she will always be your friend.

|Product details |

100% Lambswool
FILLED: Non-toxic 100% polyester stuffing.

Measurements (cm):
47 tall (approx.)

Wash & Care:
Hand wash in cold water.

All LAUVELY toys are embroidered and handmade so the finishing may be a little different from the picture.
That is what makes them so unique and special!
Colours may also differ from the picture.

Handmade in Spain