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Waterfall Arch Stacker

Waterfall Arch Stacker

raduga grez

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Arc of smooth forms Waterfall - for an unusual creative game. This is the case when you only need to direct the child’s imagination in the right direction and then he will play completely independently.

Play as a waterfall like a pyramid or as a building material for the construction of bridges, towers, tunnels, caves or fancy houses.

It is convenient to hold all the elements in the hands of even kids and it is more convenient to build with a “velvety” wooden texture. Such details do not slip and increase the number of games.

Gather the entire natural collection: arcs-mountains, arcs-cloud and arcs-sunset to arrange even more useful and fun games.  

Toy Chips:
• Made of solid linden wood by hand in Russia
• It goes well with our other toys
• Replenishes the lack of nature for children!

Packed size 12х15х4 cm
CE tested, suitable for children 3 years old and over. 

By the way! Arcs are a classic axisless pyramid. In Russia, pyramids with a pin are more common, but we decided to do it without - it is safer and does not set the scope for the game.


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