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World Balance Game

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The Bajo World Balance Game is a set of 10 wooden figures, each colourful and unique, and a semi-circle balancing platform, making a stimulating balancing game that will challenge whoever plays with them.

Each character is different with a variety of colours and pattern clothes, and in different positions making it a fun challenge balance them. Children and adults alike will enjoy the quirky design and playing with these wooden people in a variety of ways - stack them up to make human pyramids and towers, upright or upside down, and to make the task more challenging, try building on the rocking semi-circle and balance their weight. These wooden characters and also be used as part of imaginative play in combination with wooden blocks and other toys from Babipur.

This 3D puzzle is perfect for exploring problem solving and creative thinking with many possibilities for learning through play, the Bajo World Balance Game is a great play resource for home educators and early years settings. Sustainably made from maple and printed with certified non-toxic water based inks.

Suitable from 3 years.

This toy measures 13.5cm x 8cm x 0.6cm.

Sensory toy - Touch: clutching and grasping, textures, fine motor skills, tripod grip. Visual: colours, pattern recognition. Problem solving and creative thinking.